Wednesday, June 29, 2016


...and it doesn't look promising.

From YOTK: Part 1—

On September 11, 2026—the twenty-fifth anniversary of the infamous 9/11 terrorist strikes on America—the country’s enemies attacked the homeland once again. Islamic extremists along with Somalian guerillas and other rivals—all secretly funded by North Korea—detonated nuclear devices in New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles (which caused the “Great Quake” that sent most of that once-glorious state crumbling, radiated, into the Pacific Ocean). They also bombed Paris, Madrid, London, Toronto, and Milan. They continued their onslaught after that—in cities, in subways, in airports, in malls—pipe-bombing, dirty-bombing and chemical bombing almost daily until the American government had finally had enough.

After nearly two years of a relentless turf war against invisible enemies, the United States declared martial law across the entire nation and initiated the Great Purge. All middle-Easters, visas, and questionable beliefers were cast out of the country against their will … guilty or not. Then, while under the new police state, the Reagan Shield System (years secretly in the making) was completed and America—along with its allies—did the unthinkable: they annihilated their enemies.

The country, already in the midst of a depression, sank even deeper.

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