Tuesday, November 26, 2013

HUB CITY HERALD nears 600!

The Hub City Herald is now at almost 600 tweets!
Come by daily to learn what's happening in YOTK's fictional city of Hub City, Kansas.

From weather to sports to breaking news and more, Hub City Herald is the number one news feed for the nation's Capital.

Episodes 1 and 2...

I have completed Episode 1 of YOTK and am near completion of editing Episode 2. If I can get these done and finalize a cover with Chris Mori, I will then write to Amazon and send them the two completed parts in hopes of them admitting YOTK to their Serial Program. I would like to pub the first episode of the book on January 8th, which is Elvis Presley's birthday. From there I would hope to complete a new episode every 2-4 weeks with the story culminating on August 16, the anniversary of "the King's" death.